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Iran Visa

Iran Visa

Perspolis Visa Services

Tourist Visa  &  Reporter Visa


Steps for applying visa

1. You submit your passport details to an authorized Iranian travel or tour company.

2. We recieve your information and apply on-line to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get your visa approval number.

3. After your visa is processed and approved, your authorization number will be faxed to the Iranian emabassy which you chose to have your visa picked up at.

4. We email you your authorization number and you will now be able to pick up your visa.

Please pay attention to the fact that your authorization number means that your visa has been approved by the MFA but it is not the visa itself.


Normal processing time by the MFA is 10-14 days and longer for passports from USA and UK.

Picking up your visa at an Iranian embassy .

After you receive your authorisation number you can apply in person or by mail at the nominated embassy or consulate. The actual time depends on the embassy and can be from 1-5 days. The visa is valid for 3 months from the date it is processed into your passport so don't pick it up too early before you plan to travel to Iran.

Requirements :

1-passport ( must have more than 6 months of validity left)

2-application form 

3- visa/passport size photos ( not smaller than 1". 1/5" or 2.5cm.3.8cm)

proof of medical travel insurance ( including evacuation and repatriation coverage)