• Macedonia Group

    Macedonia Group

  • Korean Group

    Korean Group

  • Belgrade Exhibition in 2016

    Belgrade Exhibition in 2016

  • Kish


  • Head of lion

    Head of lion

  • korosh's  Tomb

    korosh's Tomb

  • Naghshe Jahan Square

    Naghshe Jahan Square

  • Azadi Tower

    Azadi Tower

  • Sio-Se-Pol


  • Chehel Sotoun

    Chehel Sotoun

  • Zoroastrian Fire Temple

    Zoroastrian Fire Temple

  • Milad Tower

    Milad Tower

  • Takhte - Jamshid

    Takhte - Jamshid

About Us

Persepolis Travel & Tourism company Persepolis company of air travel,tourism and pilgrimage service with more than 50 years of experience as one of the oldest active company in tourism industry with the registration number of 8061 operates under the coverage of a holding company named Parsian Tourism & Recreational Holding Corporation, the country's largest recreational center which includes : 23 modern international hotels ( Parsian International Hotels Corp) 2 large firms producing a variety of tourism & recreational services 8 groups which are providing unique cultural, recreational and sporting services. Persepolis company is one of the main anchors of executing the public tour scheme introduced by Iran Organization Of Heritage.

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  • Tel: (+9821) 8305
  • Fax: (+9821) 88808534
  • Address: No. 74, Villa St., Tehran, Iran
  • Email: info@perspolistours.com